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We have had to put a temporary hiatus on production and all sales until we are able to secure more inventory that meets our standards. Our former custom machine shop was unable to deliver our orders due to their own issues and we were forced to terminate our relationship with them.

We are seeking out a new shop and and as soon as we have completed that process we will put razors for sale on this site.

Sorry, for any inconvenience and wishing you all good shaves!

Welcome to Tradere Razors! Tradere, pronounced, trah-dare-ray, is from Latin meaning to pass on to posterity. 

We offer the first, and we believe finest, machined solid stainless steel double-edge razors made in the USA. Our unique design is patent pending and we have already received notice from the US Patent and Trademark Office that our design patent has been allowed. Our razors are of the highest quality and built to last for generations. We do sell the heads and handle separately.

We are based in Reno, Nevada and our razors are produced with pride locally by experienced craftsmen. Our replacement handle fits most vintage and modern double-edge razor heads with standard size stems. Both our handles and razors kits are available from our preferred resellers listed below or directly from us through our on Online Store (link on the right menu).

Our razor takes standard size double-edge razor blades that are available worldwide, made from stainless steel, and cost far less than multiple blade cartridges. If you are tired of paying the high prices for replacement razor cartridges, want to get a better shave, or just want to use a more environmentally sustainable product, double-edge shaving and our razor is for you.

If you are new to double-edge shaving, or just want a nice easy comfortable shave our Model SB solid bar razor would be the right razor for you. If you want a razor with a little more aggression, you may well prefer the Model OC open comb razor.

Complete razors may be ordered for $169 postpaid. Heads are $120 postpaid. Our replacement handle can be ordered separately for $49 postpaid in the USA. Click on the links to other pages at the upper right to see more photos, specifications, and information.

To order directly from us, please click on the online store item in the menu to the upper right. Shipping in the US is free and shipping to Canada is free with a purchase of $120 or above. At this time we are only shipping directly to the USA and Canada.

Our preferred USA resellers are:

Our exclusive reseller for Germany, Austria and Switzerland is:

To contact us please email:

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